The Blueprint provides a very athletic programme to follow each week. You may not be an athlete...yet, but you can still pretend, these sessions are for everyone no matter level of experience. With a combination of Speed, Agility, and Quickness drills (SAQ), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Strength, we provide the body with the right stimulus to rapidly burn body fat, build - strength, size and shape, and achieve that more athletic physique you wish for. Your overall fitness and athletic performance will also go through the roof!

The Programme

You will train with your team three times per week. 

Day 1: SAQ + HiiT (Think: Shuttle Runs, Sprints, Hurdles, Plyometrics, Team building drills, Body weight workouts)

Day 2: Athletic Strength + Conditioning (Think: Circuit training, Assault Bikes, Ropes, Sleds, Dumbbells/Barbells)

Day 3: Density Strength Training (Think: Upper body strength/ Lower body Strength/ Core Strength, AMRAP)

The Beach

The beach sessions are like a check point through the programme. They are an opportunity to bring all groups together for an action packed, energy building, team challenge on the sands of JBR. It is the morning groups vs. the evening group in a test of fitness, strength, will power and team work.

These are held on weeks 4 + 8 and a great opportunity to come together. Bring friends and family along to join in the fun.