Blueprint 8 - Season one


Blueprint 8 - Season one


The Blueprint 8 is an online group programme. Join the team on the latest season and receive 8 weeks of training, nutrition and support from your own personal Blueprint coach.

Be added to the private Blueprint 8 online group and follow the journey with other members starting the same journey at the same time.

Start date: 15/10/17

End date: 09/12/17

Registration Deadline: 11/10/17

Once you register you will receive a welcome email with instructions and access to the private online Blueprint 8 group page. Here, you can download your initial assessment form which we will need you to fill in and send back to us. You will receive all your training and nutrition programming 1-2 days after the deadline date.

Register early and you will have access to our Blueprint Detox and initial pre-season training programme.

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