Nutrition is key when it comes down to transforming your life. The Blueprint nutrition programme will fuel your body, replenish energy stores and keep your metabolism firing meaning you burn more fat and retain/build new muscle tissue.

We are not about low carb or low calorie diets but about eating healthy whole foods in the correct quantities, at the right time to support achieving your goal in a healthy timeframe. Combined with the training programme your nutrition will play a huge part in recovery, performance, energy levels and achieving the result you want from the next 8 weeks.

The Programme

Following your very own personalised Blueprint nutrition handbook and our Two phase action plan, you will learn how and why the body breaks down food into energy or storage, and what the best sources are to reach any goal, whether it be fat loss or muscle gain.

Phase one


We kick things off on the Blueprint with a detox. The purpose of the detox is to detoxify our body and reset our bodies metabolism. Detoxification diets intend to flush out the toxin build up in our body caused by the crap we eat and the lack of quality and structure in our diets. It is also a great way to address any food intolerences we have which we may not of know about.



Performance Plan

After the detox we should feel much better, lighter and have overall better digestion and a less bloated (this would be a strong indicator that you may have been sensitive or intolerant to a certain food in your old diet). 

During the Performance Plan our goal is to provide the body with the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts. All very personalised to your overall goal and current fitness level. We use a system called 'carb cycling' to increase carbohydrate and calories consumption around training, when we are more insulin sensitive, to send the 'fuel' to the right parts of the body (Muscles, Livers) for energy production and recovery, and away from storing excess fuel as fat.


Bonus Support

Blueprint Nutrition Talks

Each season we host two nutrition talks to introduce you to each of the plans. Education is key in our eyes so teaching you and using practical demonstrations and examples really helps to understand and trust the programme.

Guided Video Library + Recipe Guides

We all find cooking a little tedious and time consuming at times. With the Blueprint recipe guides you will see how simple it is to make healthy, great tasting food in 15 minutes. You will also learn how to food prep like a champion following the guided 15 second video tutorials for each meal in the plan and beyond. Turning you into a kitchen ninja.

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