At the Blueprint we are proud to offer you the premium support through your challenge. The reason you sign up to taking on the Blueprint is because you are not alone. By having smaller groups, with qualified and experienced coaches has been proven to show better progress, coaching standards and accountability. This means that when you take the challenge you complete the challenge, avoiding injuries and developing at a pace that suits you.

Your Blueprint coach and team mates are always at hand to provide immediate answers to questions and team feedback through your private Blueprint What's App group chat. What's more is that the support from your peers going through the same changes you are makes your commitment easier knowing others in your team may be feeling the same as you and reach out.

We reassess progress through our state of the art in-body analysis giving you accurate weight, body fat % and muscle readings. These are taken quarterly along with measurements and progress pictures along the way to keep you focused and on track. Each assessment is private giving you the personal feedback and targets you need at every check point.

The Support Network

  • Private scientific in-body analysis
  • Private online Blueprint support group
  • Constant coach interaction and Q+A


Each season we challenge you to do something you may not have done before whether it be a 5km or 10km run, an adventure race (such as The Spartan Race or Wadi Adventure Race), or a camp and trek through the Hatta/Oman mountains. We give you the confidence and support to do these character building events not alone but with the Blueprint team behind you.